Friday, February 8, 2013

SPOTLIGHT - Nemesis (Portland, OR)

For this spotlight, we're going to be taking a look and listen to a band based out of Portland, OR who go by the name of Nemesis. The band is still fairly new, having formed in April of 2011, but you would never assume that. Their music is tight and they sound as though they have been making music together for years.The band consists of: Spencer Tyler - Vocals; Evil Joe - Lead Guitar; Ryan Hansen - Rhythm Guitar; William McIntire - Bass Guitar; Hank Baer - Drummer.

Evil Joe originally sent me a link to the band's ReverbNation page, and I instantly fell in love. You know, there are some bands you get the honor of listening to, and it just clicks immediately...well, Nemesis was that way for me. The first song posted, "Lie In Ruins", has a heavy, in-your-face vibe from the very beginning. It grabs your attention and raises curiosity to hear the rest of the song, and others. My personal favorite of the songs they have posted, is "Noregard". I can't exactly put my finger on it, but that song has so much awesomeness going on! The drums, the guitar, the vocals, the bass...everything. The guitar solo right around the 3 minute mark is a great way to showcase the talent.

Nemesis' music has an intense energy and presence from the start. The songs they have available just seem like a teaser for what's to come. With them still being a "young band", their future looks amazing. The longer they are together, the more their music will grow right along with them. It really makes me anxious to see what the future holds for Nemesis!


As far as musical influences and overall musical taste of the band as a whole, it all comes from bands such as Soilwork, Fear Factory, Meshugga, Bloodbath, Opeth and Behemoth, just to name a few. When asked about the band goals, Evil Joe replied, "We are interested in crafting the most dynamic and heavy metal we can conjure. We are here for our fans and will stop at nothing to make you and your friends our devoted fans!! Look out for us in 2013!"

The bands' love for what they do can be seen in their stage show; which is something I am looking forward to experiencing at one of their upcoming shows. I have heard nothing but extremely positive comments when it comes to their live show. Including the insane amount of energy that resonates from the stage.

This group of guys have the pure energy and drive needed to really take themselves along an amazing musical path. They have played with bands such as Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus and Witch Burn, just to name a few. They also have an upcoming show with Sabaton from Sweden!

Feb 11, 2013 - Hawthorne Theater (Portland, OR) WITH SABATON!!!
March 9, 2013 - Tony V's Garage (Everett, WA)
March 30, 2013 - Hawthorne Theater (Portland, OR)
April 13, 2013 - Irishtown Pub (Vancouver, WA)
April 19, 2013 - Red Room (Portland, OR)  

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Give their TUNES a listen on ReverbNation

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