Monday, November 12, 2012

Devastation Device (London, KY)

For this post, I will be spotlighting a band based out of London, Kentucky who go by the name of Devastation Device. The band is made up of 5 guys: Jared Harris (Vocals), Bobby Jones (Guitar), Jordy Davis (Guitar), Wes "Meathook"DeWees (Bass) and Jonathan Martin (Drums). I can describe this band best in two words...headbanging goodness! Really, there seems to be no possible way to stop the inevitable headbanging. The first couple of "big name" bands that come to MY mind when I listen to them, is something like Lamb of God and Fear Factory.

Devastation Device formed in Kentucky in September 2008 with Bobby Jones (guitar) and Jonathan Martin (drums) as founding members. Once they had their members and practice commenced, it was time to decide on a name. There were many names thrown into the mix for possibilities, but Devastation Device stuck. They were all happy with the name, and it seemed fitting for the band and the direction of the music. Jonathan came up with the name from a pro wrestling tag team's (Legion of Doom) signature move.