Saturday, December 15, 2012

SPOTLIGHT - Downsiid (Killeen, TX)

The newest spotlight is featuring a band based out of Killeen, TX called Downsiid (pronounced Downside). This band is actually a new find for myself as well, and no words have the power to convey how excited I am to have learned of them!

First, a bit of background on Downsiid. The band was originally formed in 2000 with the members being primarily Army men based at Ft. Hood, TX. Eventually, line-up changes were necessary due to members of the band being shipped to different locations; which led to the current line-up (Jason "String" Atwood - Vocals; DJ AkirA MC - Vocals, Turntables/Samples.keyboards; - Drums; Jeff "Spanish" Scottt - Lead Guitar; G. Dell - Rhythm Guitar; Jason Quintero - Bass Guitar) Their first CD was released in 2001 and their second released in 2005. Life and Lies is their most current album, having been finished up last year (2011). The guys worked with producer Roy Z (Judas Priest, Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach, Sepultura, etc) for that album, and have a YouTube video for their single "Not With Me" off their Life Of Lies album which you can watch here. They are currently working on a new DOUBLE CD called "Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll" (SxRxRr) which will be available in 2013.