Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spotlight: Sever This Illusion (Louisville, KY)

Left to Right: Ben - Bass; Jordan - Guitar; Darren - Drums; Trevor - Vocals; Nelson - Guitar

Sever This Illusion is a metal band out of Louisville, KY. The band formed during the Winter of 2007 and has not slowed down since. They have gone through some line-up changes through the years, but have remained a force to be reckoned with.

S.T.I.’s live shows are not to be missed…EVER! Speaking from experience, having seen them play in Oregon, Washington and Idaho in June of this year, their stage show is incomparable. The energy that all 5 guys have on stage, the interaction with the crowd and the sheer talent all meld together into a show you won’t soon forget! The band has played shows with some amazing headliners, including: Hatebreed, All That Remains, Periphery, God Forbid, Kittie, Dope and so many more; including a Summer 2012 West Coast Tour with Straight Line Stitch!


The debut CD, Unidentified Assassins, was released in the Winter of 2011. S.T.I. will be hitting the studio with the new, current lineup in November to record a 3 song EP to get some new tunes out there for your ears to enjoy, before they record their next full-length record. The new material has a sound unlike any other band I’ve heard before, making the new EP a must have for any metal head!
Unidentified Assassins is a CD that I could listen to again and again. I literally had it in the CD player in my vehicle for 2 months straight. No two songs are alike. Each one packs its own punch of intricate guitar riffs, precision drumming and dynamic vocals; which grab your attention from the first note, to the very last.

The members of S.T.I. play the music they love and have a good time doing so. Their love of music and what they do comes through in the music they play. If you make it to one of their shows, don’t be a stranger! They all look forward to meeting fans from around the country and are some of the most humble guys I’ve ever met. Whether you see them live, check them out on YouTube or buy a copy of the CD, you will not be disappointed!

Oct 26 - Crump Theater - Columbus, In
Dec 7 - Union Station - Louisville, Ky
Dec 8 - Berlenz - Bowling Green, Ky
Feb 3 - Union Station - Louisville, Ky w/ Judgement
Mar 30 - Hanger 18 - Peru, In
More dates to be announced in the coming weeks!!

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YouTube Channel
CDs, Merchandise, Ringtones (101d.com)

You can also find their music at jango.com, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify!

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